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Protect yourself from hazardous blue ray light emitted by screens and digital devices. Screen time is safer for the entire family. Eye care you can rely on that is safe and that you will like wearing. Vision 2020 optometrist is an eyewear shop Malaysia that carries a wide range of spectacles to meet your needs. We have prescription glasses and also contact lenses. As an optical shop Malaysia, we at Vision 2020 optometrist feel that eyecare is critical. We also believe that your image is equally essential. We take satisfaction not only in supplying branded fashion, luxury, sports, and prescription eyeglasses, including contact lenses, in a competitive market but also in attending to our clients’ overall optical needs with our dependable service and the most recent trends in eyewear fashion. Our shop is outfitted with cutting-edge technology that certified optometrists and professionals control to meet every consumer’s optical needs. Each pair of our lenses passes stringent quality control criteria, ensuring that only the best quality optical products are supplied to you and your children. Your spectacles are customized to order at our optical shop Malaysia. Before packing and shipping, we will process your order, edge and fit the lenses, quality check, and clean and disinfect each pair.

Spring 2023 Collection

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