Anti-Virus & Bacterial Lenses

The global COVID-19 pandemic has drastically influenced our awareness of viruses and their consequences. We’re more focused on the presence of germs and how they spread than we’ve ever been before.

With this increased awareness, you may have heard of the term “high-touch items”. These include things we touch on a regular basis that can impact our general hygiene. Spectacle lenses are high-touch items that can potentially have viruses and bacteria on the surface. To answer this problem, ZEISS has designed an antimicrobial coating called ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV which kills 99,9% of viruses and bacteria.

HOYA’s Hi-Vision Anti-Bacterial Coatings use Kohkin technology, which inhibits the proliferation of bacteria on the surface of the lens. The Anti-Bacterial Coating layer consists of silver ions known as AG+, which control bacterial growth. The positively charged silver ions (Ag+) possess the antimicrobial effect, penetrating the bacteria and changing the structure of the intracellular enzyme, thereby stopping bacterial function. This renders the bacteria unable to divide, thus bacterial growth is reduced.

Use of Silver as antimicrobial agent. The healing properties of silver have been known for centuries and are well established in science and medicine. ZEISS developed technology to incorporate this proven approach as another feature of the premium anti-reflective coating so that viruses and bacteria that land on the lens surface are killed and inactivated.

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