Above is the general steps for How Laser Operation being done to Correct Refractive Errors.

Step 1) A thin flap is created using a device called a “Microkeratome” and flap is lifted.
Step 2) A cool beam laser is applied to the cornea to reshape the cornea curvature.
Step 3) The corneal flap is repositioned over the treated area without stiches.







Criteria for Good Candidate:
1) With good ocular health.
2) History record shows Power stable (Recommended 3 years).
3) Aged over 18 years.
4) Not pregnant or nursing.
5) Not being treated with medications such as steroids or immuno-suppressants.
6) With sufficient corneal thickness to safely create a clean corneal flap.

General Side Effects after Operation:
1) Dry Eye.
2) Haloes.
3) Initial difficulty for Night Driving.
4) Initial Visual fluctuating.